Monday, 29 November 2010

IN LOVE & stunning...

Love this, not sure what you would call it... a cross between a snood and a fur turban. Either way, its stunning but not sure how it would be received walking down my local high street, although it would be great for this bitter cold weather we are having.  Turbans are definitely going to be a must have for 2011 as they were all over the S/S11 catwalk.  I'm totally in love and experimenting with different head wear at the moment... watch this space for our turbans on Asos Marketplace.  

1940's Turbans

Issa - Spring Collection 2011

Jason Wu - Spring Collection 2011

Giorgio Armani -Spring Collection 2011

Saturday, 27 November 2010


   loving socks with...


Ventured into UNIQLO for the first time ever today, my friend wanted to go in so i duly obliged.  I've never  really felt the need to take a look but i was pleasantly surprised... they had the most luxurious soft wool jumpers - felt like butter, could totally snuggle up in one in front of a warm fire! loved the many coloured puffa jackets, not really my thing but can appreciate them. Anyway, came upon a wall of socks ( i should have taken a picture) - a sublime array of colourful socks, all for the friendly purchase price of 4 pairs for £7.99. I'm  definitely going back for a more, and they'll certainly be making an appearance on our VINTAGE JUMBLE AFFAIR photo shoot!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Effortless Chic... Julia Sarr-Jamois


                           Couldn't help but post a pic of my friend Ramha and Julia Sarr-Jamois - D Magazine shoot

I've been meaning to post about Julia Sarr -Jamois...WONDERLAND magazine fashion editior, sometime model and walking style inspiration. Julia sarr-jamois has the kind of effortless chic i strive for, but just don't seem to manage due to my love of more is more! Her stylish simplicity and envious fro makes her a style inspiration in my book.


Saturday, 20 November 2010


 vintage cover up for these cold winter months. loving our selection of coats, if i do say so myself, they are gorgeous... different one for any vintage mood.

                            WINTER MUSTARD 
           Mustard 1980s wool coats.. one of my favs -  IN STORE NOW: 

  1980s st michaels trench - IN STORE NOW:

      Vintage Glenmore Duffel coat - IN STORE NOW:

  Vintage Faux Fur coat.  this is also one of my favs.. you can't have too many favs - 
              available  ASOS Marketplace 

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Our weekends have been hijacked by photo shoots galore but finally i think we are getting the hang of it, although we aren't helping ourselves by starting shooting at 2pm as its getting dark super early now.... but you can imagine a combination of exquisite vintage, girls and the opportunity to try things on... well you can guess the rest! Anyway, its all good, maybe by 2012 we will have finished photographing every garment in our collection... only if my sister STOPS thrifting and buying, i think its now become her obsession! 

Otherwise super excited, ASOS Marketplace should be launching pretty soon, so you can be an owner of one.. two.. ten.. of our finest handpicked vintage and secondhand pieces.  but for now enjoy a sneak peak of just a few pics.  ♥

1980s Vintage sequined jumper // IN STORE NOW :

Vintage lingerie dress // IN STORE NOW:

  Vintage rainbow pussy bow tie blouse // IN STORE NOW

       Vintage maxi wrap skirt // Silver faux fur coat: IN STORE NOW


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


a small selection of our bags up for sale on ASOS Marketplace launching end of Nov. i did aim to upload alot more but its taking ages. enjoy and stay in touch for some more sneak peak.    ♥                                    


Thursday, 4 November 2010

A FUR DAY - It was a mild day today but i wore fur anyway.

 wanted to share with you the most fabulous, amazing, super doper vintage leather fur coat i was given on my recent thrifting, treasure hunt trip to Denmark.  for a tiny quarter of a second i thought about selling it, but i'm soooooooo attached that i can't bare to part with it.   ♥  ♥   ♥