Monday, 30 May 2011

Pretty in Pink, Purple, orange, blue.....

Hey lovelies,

We are super excited about our recent shoot - apologies it taken so long; everyone has been beyond busy with normal life and the many distractions London has to offer, but that's for another post. Without further ado, we can finally bring you some of the gems we brought back from LA.

The order of the day was colour, and I hesitate to use the phrase "colour blocking".  This  phrase has been bantered around so much in the last few months that I almost feel embarrassed using it, so apologies again... there was some colour blocking, gorgeous jumpsuits in an array of colours and the pièce de résistance… divine vintage dresses.

I have to say my favourite piece is the hot pink/fuchsia silk dress; its so soft and I wanted to melt right into it when I tried it on! What's your favourite?

Oh, you might see we have a new model alongside our MUSE, Jody. I roped in my gorgeous friend Jojo - not only was she an Olympic athlete but is an amazing singer/song writer and I’m sure you will agree, a fantastic model too.

One last thing, its been a while since we've done a giveaway, so we were thinking of gifting one of our lucky followers one of our vintage dresses, not sure which one though, any thoughts? Although there are more stunning dresses to come.

We will be uploading these gorgeousness and more over the next few days, so do keep checking our store on ASOS Marketplace - here. 

Happy thrifting


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mission Accomplished!

 It all started with a phone call from a film director friend and ended with us styling a video for hot new band Toodar. If their song "Ten Paces" doesn't make top five in the charts we'll eat our handbags!

The band -TOODAR

VJA style a video? Simple we thought - we'll sources clothes and accessories and work our magic. Well if only it was that easy. We had four  glamorous actresses to style as Grecian Goddesses. Yikes! 

Well this was no mean feat as this meant designing AND making the dresses from scratch, no patterns, no sewing machine (don't ask) and just armed with Ola's great sketches, and then sew them all by hand!  

There were long nights and early mornings before the 1st fittings and just before the shoot on Sat but it's been so worth it.

1st fitting of dresses
We walked on set on Sat morning to see a large film crew who'd been busy at work since sunrise. Toodar created the video treatment of a sumptuous, decadent feast and the final set looked amazing

Director Kerri Mclean (right) with Assistant Director Jeff Yiu

Aless Goktuna working her make up magic
The band in custom made waistcoats designed and styled by Maria Dagher

 But as you can see below we did it and Toodar loved them (phew!). What do you think?
   Would we do this all again? Absolutely!

Models taking a break under the rose tinted lighting

 Or at least with a sewing machine and a pattern cutter!!