Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Our love of Spring

Hi Lovlies,

We've become quite the pros at this photo shoot stuff. In the beginning, we barely knew where to start, but we all know our roles and how to inject some fun into the day. After a long and miserable winter my love affair with London has been well and truly revived . There definitely seemed to be a spring in everyone's step in London, the whole aura of Londoners change when the sun makes its unlikely appearance and it certainly did last Saturday. It really made shooting these gorgeous spring/summer dresses for ASOS Marketplace a joy.

One last thing, I've just arrived in LA. Some of you may or may not know that I'm an athlete, a sprinter to be precise, and I'm going there for what we in the athletics world call; 'warm weather training'. Although, it hasn't been too hot but the weather is slightly getting better. Apologises in advanced for pictures of myself and my training partners in crop tops and shorts; that's what we tend to live in when we are away.

But there will be some thrifting done and if i have my way there will be a lot of vintage shopping, flea markets, estate sales and hopefully i will be able to bring you back some goodies.

 For now, you can shop our current range gorgeous spring/summer dresses here.

Happy thrifting
Abi xxx


  1. Keep doing what your doing girls. The shoot rocks x You make random clothes work without the desperation of "Look at me, Look at me, im a fashion student" lol

  2. Ah thanks, really appreciate you comments! We are glad people love what we are trying to do. xxx

  3. you ladies have a fantastic shop!
    [sidenote] i love the models hair like this.