Thursday, 15 September 2011

Highs and Lows from South Korea!

Hi lovelies,

As you know from my previous post I was in Daegu, South Korea for the World Athletics Championships, and i got back last week.   I’m not sure if any of you are really interested in athletics, so I won’t bore you with the highs (Great Britain winning 7 medals), and the lows (Usain Bolt's false start and the other numerous disqualifications), and the fact that I didn't actually get to compete as I wasn't selected for the final relay quartet... as you can imagine I was quite depressed!
I've been to 2 previous World Championships and I have to say this one was the most surreal competitions I've ever been too, but again, I won't bore you!
Before going to Daegu, I was at the preparation holding camp in a city called Ulsan. I have to say I was pretty impressed with Ulsan, probably for all the wrong reasons - the shopping was amazing, not only does the exchange rate encourage you to go crazy as everything is super CHEAP, but the Ulsan girls and boys were uber stylish and so chic.  I couldn’t step into a shop without finding at least 10 things I wanted to buy. I bought some gorgeous dusty pink shoes (pic below), a dress and a bag all for under £50… that would never happen at home!!
Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that sourcing vintage stock for our ASOS Marketplace store is never far from my mind, actually its become rather an obsession no matter where I am in the world!  Although I found it impossible to find any vintage stores in Ulsan, I had no such problems in Daegu… it's rife with vintage and second hand stores, and I’ve been able to stock up on a selection of quirky and super cute knits for our ASOS Marketplace store, and I couldn't resist a selection of 80’s acid wash denim shorts that were up for grabs. They need to be seen to be believed - very cool.
My gorgeous dusty pink shoes and the view from our hotel in Ulsan
Giggling girls of Daegu, all with the same hair cut!
I wished I'd taken more phones of the stylish girls of South Korea
I found way too many gorgeous fur coats.
Just an idea of how vast this vintage store is.
Martin Ronney, Jeanette Kwakye and Jessica Ennis.
Marlon Devonish remincing back to days before hair loss!
 Myself and the relays girls - Montell and Asha
Over-exposed pics of Daegu stadium.
My gorgeous roomie Jeanette Kwakye and the equally stunning Perri Shakes-Drayton
 I can't imagine Louise Hazel was thinking...
The giant that is Chris Tomlinson and Miss Jeanette Kwakye aka the dwarf!

Oh, do venture to our ASOS Marketplace store, - Here;  I’ve uploaded some super sexy pencil skirts and secretary style blouses.
Happy thrifting
Abi xx


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