Friday, 23 September 2011

LFW: We Street Heart for Print, Pattern, Colour Mash up.

London Fashion Week saw a myriad of mismatch prints and patterns on the streets of London. There were floral/ abstract/geometric print mash ups, acid washed jeans teemed with rainbow tie dyed bomber jackets, coloured sequins sitting comfortably with vibrant floral, to tartan with strips combos... All so wrong but yet so inconceivably right!  I do go insane for colour, and although i couldn't say I’m the kind of girl that can brave the collage of loud colour prints and patterns together, i do admire the ladies and gentlemen who do. It takes a kind of laissez faire confidence to carry these looks off, and they do it oh so well... don't you think?

 source: The Telegraph,, Facehunter, Nouse, stockholm Street style, Columbine

Jody and I will be doing a mini shoot on Friday. We’ll be shooting some of the knitwear I sourced from S.Korea and a few other things too, so do check back on the blog for a sneak peak before I upload them on our ASOS Marketplace store, otherwise you can check in store HERE.

Abi xx


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