Monday, 19 December 2011

Vintage Fair and Fun!

Hey lovelies,

Two weekends ago we took part in our first ever vintage fair at the historic Old Spitalfields Market, as part of Judy's Vintage fair.  At first, it was a bit daunting as we hadn't a clue what to expect and actually setting up the stall was a bit of a task - it was trial and error really but we finally got there!  Well, from the picture i think we did pretty well for our first time... we definitely learnt alot.

Our vintage 1970's wedding dress was a big draw -  we were flooded with costumers wanting to take pictures and trying on the gorgeous veil.  Our winter warmers and party dresses were also a big hit; the vintage black feathered velvet dress (pic below) went to a happy customer who was relieved to have her New Years outfit sorted!

We really enjoyed interacting with our customers and meeting other sellers, so we are definitely going to be doing more vintage fairs next year, maybe in the spring through to the summer, there is absolutely no way we can stand out side in this freezing weather!

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