Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hey lovelies,

So, after being a long life Blackberry user I've defected to the iPhone. I'm still getting used to it, although I do miss the practicality of the BB, the iPhone is much more fun! Consequently I've joined instagram, well @vintagejumbleaffair has joined instagram. I love the fact instagram acts like a micro blog and you can reach your followers instantly. Anyway, these are some pics i've taken over the week.

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Also, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year; may 2012 bring you all you wish for and much more.

Abi xxx


(Right to left)

1/  My Zara obsession continues;  I won't bore  you with how many items I’ve bought from their winter collection. Anyway, these boots are not my usual taste but for £29.99 I was persuaded.  

2/ Another Zara purchase, I had to hunt this jacket down, thank  God for Westfield! 

3/ My fav yellow chair, nobody sits on this chair but me! I had to beg my boyfriend to buy it when he was renovating his house... he hates the cushion! 

4/ Outfit I wore when I visited my friend in Cheltenham - H&M pink trousers, thrifted jumper and fur coat. I just love the regency houses in the background.  

5/ driving to Cheltenham and admiring the stunning senery.

  6/ Hummingbird cupcakes never fails to lift my mood.

7/ Amazing book cover prints from Bookish Designs , so many classics. 

8/ Upcycling my never worn chocker, i'll be blogging that soon.


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