Monday, 27 February 2012

My bits and pieces in Instagram

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(Right to left)

1/    My DIY attempts to arrange some of my jewellery and Polaroids in a frame... kinda shabby chic!

2/  Love my vintage Escada shoes but I've never actually worn it - its too big, so i actually use it as art and so it decorates my shelf.
3/ camera collection
4/ DIY choker
5/  Some of our vintage upcycled cut off denims coming to VJA store soon.

6/ My boyfriends mum is an absoutely amazing artist, just one of her pieces.

  7/ I'm actually in Orlando at the moment, these are some of the vintage pieces I've thrifted - I love array of colours I've been able to source, and the dress is a beyond gorgeous 1950s floral number which has stunning details... can't wait to get it on our model!


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  1. oh boy! those Escada shoes are kinda amazing. Too bad they don't fit, but way to put them to good use!