Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Isle of Wight Festival - Part 2

Hey lovelies

It seems an age since the Isle of Wight Festival and its been quite a task going through all the pictures we took, but anyway here they are... FINALLY!

IoW was a truly amazing experience and although my sister has been working on the festival for seven years, its was my first time.  It was actually now or never as she's moving onto pastures new - career wise. So i thought it was definitely time to take advantage of the VIP treatment, which by the way was tremendous, and definitely a different way to experience a festival.

Now for the stand out music - The Foo Fighters were epic, truly one of the most iconic rock bands of our generation, and we had the pleasure of meeting Dave Grohl, and was well just... EPIC!   Seasick Steve was fabulous in equal measure - funny, captivating, entertaining and when we met him he couldn't stop telling us how hungry he was after his stunning performance.    In the Big Top, Chase and Status blow us away literally - the tent was beyond capacity and spilled out into the field. They stopped mid set to calm down the much hyped crowd, before revving us all up again.   My new discovery was the led singer of Jessie and the Orbits - her voice is beyond this world, and her sassiness and commanding performance kept us dancing in the small tent for what seemed like ages.

Abi xxx

Jody and I, having a laugh in the VIP area.
Not sure what Jeevan is doing here... think its a new dance move!
Calmness before the revellers arrive.
Jessie and the Orbits - We couldn't stop dancing and totally fell in love her voice.
The lovely Dave Grohl - The Foo Fighters.
 Seasick Steve - whose set was absolutely sick.
The unconquerable Boy George

Jarvis Cocker - PULP
All images by Vintage Jumble Affair

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