Monday, 8 August 2011


Skirt, Zara // Jumper, Zara //  Bag, Vintage //  Shoes, Vintage// DIY Braclets

 Hey lovelies,

you'll know from my previous post that Jody and I had an impromptu shoot last week - we were supposed to be heading to East London but decided to take a few pics for our ASOS Marketplace store. Anyway, I wore this very impractical skirt while taking the photos, I eventually had to tuck it into the waist band to keep it from flying everywhere. I bought it from Zara early on in the year and adore it, but i find quite difficult to walk in as it tends to cling in all the wrong places! The jumper is also from Zara, I picked it up in the sale for something ridiculously cheap - I'm a big fan of pink, although I don't tend to wear pink very often.

The arm candy has actually become my obsession due to the AMAZING site - Honestly WTF , as I've said before they do the most ingenious DIY tutorials. I made this last week and you can see the braided hex nut bracelet I made a few weeks back HERE.

We are doing another shoot next weekend with some gorgeous vintage pieces, but for now check out the goodies with got in store HERE.

Happy thrifting
Abi xxx


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  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I am really in to maxi skirts right now, and the colour of your top is lovely! Gorgeous lady, gorgeous outfit and gorgeous accessories! x