Sunday, 2 October 2011

Miu Miu Envy!

Hey lovelies,

I literally have Miu Miu  envy! I can honestly say I have been drooling over these boots ever since they've been posted all over the bloggersphere, so here I am sharing how shocked I was when my friend Liha purchased THE LAST PAIR of size 5s in London. Well according to her.....

Just let me set the scene. 

I ran into The Wolseley as I was 45mins late for  dinner. No real surprise there as I’m late for EVERYTHING! Anyway, I do the obligatory greetings, giving Nita an extra hug as it's her birthday, plus I haven’t seen her in ages (she’s temporarily moved back to Kent). I sit down next to Liha and as I do I drop my phone underneath the table, I bend to grab said phone and there I see the glittering wonderment shining, actually more like BLINDING me as they sparkled that much… The whole table erupts in laughter as my face says it all… WTF?!!!!!!!!!

Liha had literally raced down to London from Cheltenham on a mission to hunt down these ever so exclusive shoes. She headed to the Miu Miu store, but was told they were sold out and there was a waiting list so long you might as well not bother! Her eyes started watering, and the shop assistant took pity on her and tells her there just might be a pair in her size at Harrods. She begged and pleaded with the assistant in Harrods to hold them for her and whizzed over there like her life depended on it.....   

Anyway fast forward, she got the last pair and she lived happily ever after.... The End

I feel like I’m writing a diary but these shoes deserve an essay…. Trust me these babies are a sight to behold, and having begged Liha to let me try them on.  I have to say not only are they exquisitely made, but you could definitely tot around town in them in comfort and bust a move of an evening (two step style)…
Liha assured me they're SOLD OUT everywhere, but I just think she doesn’t want anyone else to have them… not like I can afford it anyway!

As a parting gift she left a trail of glitter all over The Wolseley...

Abi xxxx


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  1. I'm jealous! I went gaga over these shoes, hope you enjoy them!