Wednesday, 13 April 2011

All thrifted Out!

Hey lovelies,

from absolutely no thrifting since landing in LA almost 2 and half weeks ago, to a weekend packed with nonstop second hand shopping, flea markets, yard sales, shopping and more shopping.

Jody landed in LA on Tuesday and we met up on Friday, hitting up what seemed like every second hand shop in the area. I found a gorgeous pink jacket which I know I will loath to sell!

Saturday, I planned to get up early and head to some yard sales but planning is not my strong suit, and suffice to say I didn’t leave the apartment until mid-day and I got totally lost. On the upside, I did discover Huntington Beach which is absolutely stunning.  Jody and I are planning to venture there next Sunday for a picnic - providing the weather holds up!  After much wrong turns, I did find some yard sales but got there too late to find any real gems.

Anyway, I more than made up for this on Sunday. Flea markets was the agenda of the day, and let me tell you Americans do not do anything by half... there flea markets are absolutely humongous!
Jody and I woke up super early and planned to go thrifting to at least 3 flea markets, but nothing could have prepared us for how big there flea markets are, so we only manage 2.  

I’m all thrifted out… there will be no more vintage shopping while I’m here, well i say that now, but we'll see.

However, we did find some stunning gems, and luggage allowance permitting, (yeah we didn't think about that when we were buying all those dresses) they will be coming soon on ASOS Marketplace

For now, you can shop our store here.
Abi  xxx
         An accidental stop at the beautiful Hunnington Beach.
Thrifted this pink jacket which I totally feel in love with, not sure I can part with it!
Shopping with my two favourite sisters, Jody and Sam.
Now the shopping really began, flea markets galore...
Stunning necklace we thrifted for the store… love love, wish I could keep!
Jody couldn’t decide on these boots, we went back 3 times to try them on and they still didn't fit... I think she was praying third time lucky!
Lost in a sea of shoes
 All thrifted out!

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