Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Coachella fever

I'm back from LA next week, I'm quite looking forward to coming home... missing my gorgeous nephew and BF. We will be doing a new photoshoot for our ASOS Marketplace  collection as soon as i get back - can't wait for you guys to see the dresses Jody and I picked up at the flea markets.

In other news, It was Coachella fever here in Cali over the weekend, I couldn’t turn on the radio or watch some celebrity news without hearing fab music or seeing cool festival fashion…. plus the fact that its all over the blogsphere. So if anyone's interested I thought I’d add my two cents worth too on the my fav looks...
Abi xxx

Mr Newton/Necole Bitchie/Mr Newton/Fashion Bomb/Fashion Bomb/Just Jared/Mr Newton/Mr Newton


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